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Why we love flower crowns

Why we love flower crowns!

With many people not a fan of flower crowns, why do we love them? Here are just some of the reasons why.

Tunnel Beaches weddings

The most unusual wedding venues in the UK

If you are looking for wedding inspiration, then why not check out the most unusual wedding venues in the UK? You never know, you might find something deliciously different.

Honeymoon destination ideas

The very best honeymoon destination ideas

With so many amazing places around the world to try out, it can be hard to choose a honeymoon destination, so we have decided to give you a helping hand with some ideas!

Why it makes sense to buy TWO wedding dresses

Why it makes sense to buy TWO wedding dresses

We understand just how important wedding dresses can be for your big day. However, with so many different dresses to choose from, why not go for two? Seems greedy to you? Here are the reasons why we think it makes sense to have two wedding dresses.

The biggest mistakes made when choosing your wedding dress

The biggest mistakes made when choosing a wedding dress

There are a number of pitfalls and mistakes that you can make when choosing your wedding dress. We have put together our guide to the biggest mistakes that you may make when it comes to choosing your wedding dress.

Finding the perfect wedding dress 2018

Tips For Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress in 2018

You have fantasised about this day for nearly all your life and now it is about to become a reality. A few months or even weeks are remaining to the D-day. Everything is set from the venue to the bridal party and the invites as well. Now, all is left is your dream wedding dress.

Wedding make-up trends 2018

Winter wedding make-up trends 2018

Once you have found your dream wedding dress, then it is time to think about other aspects of your wedding look. Shoes, jewellery, your hairstyles, all of these things need to be considered. Not only this, but you also need to think about your make-up too.

Celebrity wedding dresses

The best celebrity wedding dresses

Inspiration for your wedding dress can come from a variety of places. Some may check out wedding magazines to see what is in stock, some may head to wedding dress shops, just like our one in London.

Bridesmaid colour trends

Wedding colour themes for bridesmaid dresses in Spring 2018

If you are getting married in the Spring of 2018, then there is a good chance that you will already be thinking about the bridesmaid dresses to buy. So, why not take a look at our top colour themes for Spring 2018 to see if we can inspire you?

Wedding dress trends 2018

Wedding dress trends for 2018

Just like any other type of fashion, wedding dresses go through some trends and styles year after year, and 2018 is shaping up to be no different. But what are the styles that are likely to be making an appearance for 2018?

Buying bridesmaid dresses

Your guide to buying bridesmaid dresses

Picking your dress for your big day is one thing, but once this is sorted, then the time has come to look at dresses for those special ladies who will be by your side.

Bridal shoes London

Got the perfect wedding dress? Now you need the shoes!

Teokath are experts in wedding dresses and bridalwear. Whether you want something traditional, timeless or really fashion forward. With a number of stores, there is sure to be something that is “the one”.

2017 Bridewear trends

2017’s Bridalwear Trends

We have put together some of the hottest bridalwear styles that are going to be popping up in 2017. All to give you the inspiration to go and find your ultimate wedding dress.

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Best UK Wedding Blogs

Planning a wedding can be such an exciting time, but it can also be a little overwhelming. If you need some help getting started, a round of encouragement to keep you going, or just a big dose of inspiration to keep you rolling check out some of our favourite UK wedding bloggers.