Getting married in the UK vs married abroad

Getting married in the UK vs Getting married abroad

When it comes to getting married there is one big decision that you need to make. Do you get married on home soil? Or do you get married abroad? There are pros and cons to both options and the one that you go for really depends on you as a couple, as well as your circumstances too.

So, what are the pros of getting married in the UK and getting married abroad? Which one is going to make sure that you have the perfect wedding day?

Getting married abroad

Do you dream about a beautiful beach wedding with a stunning backdrop? If you do, then you may want to plan in a destination wedding for your big day. Planning a wedding abroad has a whole host of benefits. The main benefit to a wedding abroad is that you are likely to have guaranteed good weather, which is ideal if the idea of rain on your big day is enough to spoil everything.

Another huge benefit to getting married abroad is that it allows you to have an extended celebration, particularly if you have your family and friends with you. You can all enjoy a holiday in the sunshine whilst spending some quality time together. If you both just want your special day to be small and intimate, having a wedding abroad means that you are really limiting your guest list, and you could even just find it being the two of you.

Getting married in the UK

Some people may dream of a wedding abroad, but others may equally dream about getting married a little closer to home. Getting married in the UK means that you’re going to include many more people on your guest list, which is ideal if you have lots of family and friends that you’re going to want to invite. You can also work with those who have children that need picking up before the evening fun, as well as those that want to leave earlier on in the day.

Another great thing about getting married in the UK is that there is a wealth of amazing venues that you can choose from. Castles, manor houses, barns, hotels and everything in-between, there really is so much choice when it comes to organising a wedding within the UK.

Finally, a great thing about getting married in the UK is that you can work with local suppliers using their expertise to really help you create a wedding day of your dreams. You can take much more control over what you eat, the music you play and of course what happens during the entire day’s plans, which means that the day will be exactly what you want it to be.

Sure, getting married abroad is often cheaper than getting married in the UK and it will make sure that the sun is shining on you, however, if you like the idea of tying the knot with all your family and friends around you, then getting married in the UK is really the best option for you.

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