Top bridal hair accessories

How to make sure that you have picked the ultimate bridal hair accessory

When it comes to looking amazing on your wedding day, every single bride will have in mind that they need to make sure that they pick the most beautiful wedding dress, gorgeous jewellery and a perfect pair of shoes. However, one thing that those brides might not keep in mind is that they also need to make sure that they pick the right hair accessories.

Now, not only do these hair accessories need to match in with the style of dress that the bride is opting for, but they also need to match with her hair too. Making it a tricky choice to make.

So, to help, we have put together some of our top tips for finding the ultimate bridal hair accessory to go with the dress and the rest of the look.

Always think about the colour of your dress

Whilst most brides will opt for the standard white dress, there are also those that think the time has come to embrace some different shades. For these brides, it is important that this colour swap is reflected in your hair accessories, else you could end up with a hair vine, comb or tiara that simply does not match the rest of the outfit that you have put together. Not exactly the look that you are going to want to go for.

Think about your hair style and which accessory will work best

There is a real wealth of different hair accessories that you can choose from for your wedding day. The style that you end up going for is likely to have a huge amount to do with the hair style that you have chosen. The most popular choice has to be a bridal hair comb or a clip. These come in a range of styles and the best thing about them is that they not only work with an updo, but they also work with brides who choose to have their hair down, but swept round to the side.

Another common choice is the tiara, these can be dramatic or delicate, it really does depend on the style that you like and how much of an impact you want your hair accessory to have with the rest of your outfit.

Don’t be afraid to go for two options for your big day

It is becoming much more common that brides take themselves away during the celebrations and change their dress, or their hair or their make-up. Who is to say that they can’t do the same thing with their hair accessories? Why not opt for something more formal for the daytime, such as a tiara or hair comb, then, when the evening comes around, choose a flower crown instead? Who says that you have to stick to one style?

If you are stuck for ideas on your hair accessory then why not speak to us here at Teokath? We might be best known for our dress knowledge, however, we have to say that we know a thing or two about hair accessories and those finishing touches too.

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