Why it makes sense to buy TWO wedding dresses

Why it makes sense to buy TWO wedding dresses

As an established and expert bridal shop London, here at Teokath we understand just how important wedding dresses can be for your big day. There are a variety of styles and designs out there that you can choose from, so much so that some women find it a little overwhelming.

However, with so many different dresses to choose from, why not go for two? Seems greedy to you? Here are the reasons why we think it makes sense to have two wedding dresses.

You can pick a glamour dress for the day and a practical dress for the evening

There is a reason why wedding dresses are glamorous, they are eye catching, they are a way to make sure that you are the focal point of your special day. Whilst these big dresses are beautiful, they might not be the most practical option. Particularly when it comes to busting some moves on the dancefloor at night.

Rather than worrying, why not change into a practical dress for the evening? Some brides go for something looser and easier to move in, whilst some will go for a short dress instead. No matter what you might choose, having a second dress means that you are going to feel a whole lot more comfortable as you dance the night away!

You get to enter the room all over again

There is no greater feeling as a bride then walking into the ceremony room and heading down the aisle. Knowing that all the eyes are on you and seeing the reactions from your nearest and dearest is amazing. So, what could be better than doing it twice in one day? After the speeches and the photos are done and all your guests are settling in, it is commonplace for the bride and groom to head off and have some time together. Why not use this time as a chance to change into your evening dress and then make a grand entrance all over again?

You can try out two styles

What could be better than finding one perfect style of wedding dress? Finding two perfect styles of wedding dress! If you are stuck between two different styles of dress, or perhaps two different colours, then maybe this is a big sign that you need to go for the multiple dress trend. In doing this, you not only get to have one dress that you love, but two, and you can really make the most of being the centre of attention!

So, there are the reasons why it might suit you to find two wedding dresses for your big day. Want to find one, or two dresses for your big day? Make sure that you find the ideal choice for you with the expert bridal shop London based Teokath.

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