Meet The Buyers, Maria and Everly

Maria Sotiriou founded Teokath of London and set up her boutique in the sought after area of Wimbledon. She joined forces with her daughter Everly and together they lovingly select stylish designer wedding dresses year after year to showcase in their beautiful and tranquil showroom.

Our editor, Louise sat down with Maria and Everly to ask them a few questions about their work, buying trips and those all important questions that every bride needs to ask when searching for their dream dress.

Maria, what made you want to set up your own bridal boutique?

I have always had a great love of fashion. I love helping others with what to wear and how to style themselves. Once my daughters had both gone to university I didn’t want to sit at home. I am very ambitious and I wanted to work. I spoke with my husband and I saw that there was an opportunity. Bridal consulting meant that I can really help others and do what I really love, so it was a no brainer.

What made you decide on Wimbledon as a location for Teokath of London?

I love Wimbledon and have always wanted to have a boutique here. The area is lovely and we were so lucky to find a premises in such a primary position. When we first opened, we actually received many emails thanking us for coming to Wimbledon and bringing such beauty to the area. So many of our clients have been walking past our boutique for years waiting to get engaged so that they can come in. It makes us feel so honoured.

Where did the name Teokath come from?

Teokath is a family name. It’s taken from the names Theo and Kathy.

Everly, when did you know that you wanted to join forces with your mum?

I actually didn’t realise I wanted to, I sort of fell into it. I love fashion and always have but I never thought I would be doing this. I started working here in a transitional period, and I loved it so much that I am still here ten years later! Now I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Where do you both find inspiration from when looking for new designs to stock in your boutique?

We love our designers and so it’s very rare that we look for anyone new to work with. We have a variety of styles in store and we really take the time to listen to our brides and what they are after. If we feel that there is a style that is sought after that we may not have then we will seek that style. Otherwise we trust our designers and their new ideas. Most importantly we trust our own opinion. Every sample that is bought for our store, we have chosen because we love it.

How many times a year do you go on buying trips?

Most of our designers have one new collection every year. So we visit each designer either once or twice a year.

What’s your favourite thing about running your own bridal boutique?

A wedding is such a special and wonderful celebration. And for us, the dress really is the most important part. We love helping a bride find their dress, it really is such an amazing feeling and we feel so honoured to play such a big part of the process. Being family run, our store has a lot of heart and warmth. We treat all of our staff and clients as though they’re a part of our family.

Teokath are COVID safe

We are now open again for business. For your safety and the safety of our staff, we have had to change the way we carry out our appointments to ensure we are a COVID secure environment. To find out more details, please email us at for more information.