Bridal shoes London

Got the perfect wedding dress? Now you need the shoes!

Teokath are experts in wedding dresses and bridalwear. Whether you want something traditional, timeless or really fashion forward. With a number of stores, there is sure to be something that is “the one”.

One of our most popular stores has to be Wimbledon. A fantastic bridal shop that is packed full of amazing dresses.

Whilst it may be easy to find the dress, what about the shoes? There are plenty of brides who will tell you just important what they wear on their feet is.

So, with this in mind, we have put together our run down of some of the most fabulous wedding show styles that you can choose from.


Who doesn’t love a bit of bling? What better excuse to really sparkle than on your wedding day. There are a variety of shoe stores out there that know how to make a beautiful and sparkling shoe, and you can choose from something relatively low key or some really all out bling. The choice really is yours.


Want to make sure that your wedding dress really does stand out? Well, if you do then you will want to have shoes that don’t make too much of a statement. This is where nude heels will really help. Not only do they complement any colour scheme, but they will make sure that your dress is always the main focus.


Have you always loved the idea of buying a pair of truly expensive designer shoes? Never had an excuse to buy them? Well, now is your chance. Since you are likely to be spending out on your dress, you can also put aside some cash to flash for your shoes too. Not only will this feel like the best treat ever, but you will also have something special to keep after the big day too.


Heels are not for everyone. Some brides are tall, which means that they won’t want to make themselves any taller, and some won’t like the idea of having to totter around in heels all day. This means that more and more shops are selling bridal flats. Far from plain and boring, these shoes are just as sparkly and just as fabulous as their heeled cousins, but they are a whole lot more comfortable!

If you need to find yourself the perfect wedding dress, then Teokath Wimbledon is the perfect store for you. Why not book an appointment and see if you can find your utterly perfect dress!

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