Celebrity wedding dresses

The best celebrity wedding dresses

Inspiration for your wedding dress can come from a variety of places. Some may check out wedding magazines to see what is in stock, some may head to wedding dress shops, just like our one in London.

One other way that you can gain inspiration for wedding dresses is by looking at the celebrity world. Celebrities are lucky enough to not only have plenty of money to spend on designer gowns for their own wedding day. Whilst you may not be blessed with thousands for a budget, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use celebrity dresses as inspiration and find your very own take on it.

To get you started, we have put together some of the best and most iconic wedding dresses worn by celebrities.


Who doesn’t love the idea of a stunning lace wedding dress? American pop star Ciara definitely was a fan. Her wedding dress featured plenty of detail, along with some large fluted sleeves too!

Eva Longoria

Not all of us are lucky enough to have a world famous designer as our best friend. But Eva can definitely boast about this. Her sleek, sexy and simplistic wedding dress was designed by her best pal Victoria Beckham and since then it seems that this particular approach to wedding dresses have become all the more popular.

Rochelle Humes

Whilst back in the day the majority of wedding dresses opted for the more princess or a-line style, this is definitely something that is changing. Of course, these particular dresses still sell well. However, there are also tighter styles that are being created too. Rochelle Humes opted for a beautiful fitted fishtail dress that boasted a variety of ruffles. This creates a rather eye-catching and impressive look, as well as shows off curved perfectly too.

Poppy Delevinge

Not every bride wants to go for the conventional styled wedding dress. Something that was definitely the case for Poppy Delevinge. A fashion forward, boho queen, it came as little surprise that Poppy opted for a floral pattern and design dress which is the ideal gown for any summer or spring bride who wants something a little different.

Chrissy Teigen

We love Chrissy and her wonderful sense of style. We particularly loved her choice in wedding dress. Full on princess with all the material that you could wish for, her dress was a little girls dream! Whilst this large style of dress isn’t always the choice for some brides, there is no getting away from the fact that this particular dress is hugely eye catching!

If you feel ready to start your very own search for the dress, then why not visit our wedding dress stores in Wimbledon, London or Canterbury, Kent? With a variety of styles, colours and sizes in stock, we are able to make sure that any bride will feel like the star of the show! As it should always be!

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