Top bridal and wedding dress trends in 2019

The top bridal and wedding dress trends for 2019

Another new year is upon us, which means that we have plenty of things to look forward to. Are you getting married in 2019? Or perhaps getting a head start for your 2020 wedding? No matter which it is, the time has come to take a look at wedding dresses.

Just like any other form of fashion, wedding dress trends change and so, as we say hello to 2019, why don’t we see which wedding dress trends are going to be popping up?

Simple yet stylish

It seems that over the past few years, wedding dresses have definitely followed the “bigger is better” approach, whether that be to volume or detail. The simpler dresses have always been around, but somewhat in the background. Thanks to two royal weddings this year where the brides went for something a little more elegant and understated it seems that the time has come for dresses that are simple and elegant to head into the limelight.

Halterneck dresses

The halterneck style hasn’t always been one that we have seen in wedding dresses. However, we think that this is a shame, which means that we are pretty excited to see that halterneck dresses are becoming much more of a trend. The great thing about halterneck dresses is that they have a real grown up feel to them, especially when you compare them to strapless styles of dresses.

Something blue

Yep, you heard us right, blue is big in 2019. Now, colourful wedding dresses are not new in the world of bridal fashion, but we have to admit that we haven’t seen much baby blue out there. Something that is set to change. There is something incredibly princess like about a blue dress and so we are excited to see how this trend works out for real weddings over the next 12 months.

Sheer capelets

More and more brides are deciding to spruce up their dress choices with accessories. Capelets are not only ideal for adding detail to a plainer dress, but, if you feel uncomfortable about your arms then they also give your confidence a boost. Sheer capelets are ideal for the summer and warmer months as they still give you coverage without making you feel all hot and bothered.

With so much to look forward to with bridal fashion over the next 12 months, why not take a look at some of the amazing wedding dresses in London? Not only will you find some of the latest styles, but you can also turn it into a day out that you can really remember.

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