Choosing the perfect wedding dress

The things you must do before buying your wedding dress

Here at Teokath we are suppliers of wedding dresses in London. Based across two different boutiques in Wimbledon and Canterbury, we offer a dedicated service to all of the brides who choose us.

Buying a wedding dress is exciting, but for some brides it can be tricky. With so many styles to choose from, and such importance placed on your dress, you can find yourself feeling a little stressed out.

As wedding dress London experts, why not let Teokath help you to make finding the perfect dress that little bit easier? We have put together some of the most important things to do and think about when it comes to buying “the dress”.

Always know your budget

One of the most important things to think about before you even start to look for a dress is your budget. The last thing you will want to do is find the perfect dress, only to discover that it is way out of your price range. Knowing how much you have to spend allows you to pick from a realistic range of dresses and then find the perfect one.

Don’t take everyone

There is sure to be a whole squad of bridesmaids and friends just desperate to head to the wedding dress shop with you. Whilst you may not want to upset anyone, there really is no point taking all those people. Instead, the Maid of Honour and the Mother of the Bride is enough to get an opinion. Everyone else can wait for the surprise!

Always take the right underwear

Trying on dresses can take a while, and there is also the chance that you will need to try on a few different styles. Make sure that you take underwear that is going to cover you for all different shapes and strap styles. Trying a dress without the right bra will never show it off to its best.

Be open to suggestions

You may have a very particular style of dress in mind, but that doesn’t always mean that is the right one for you. Rather than only focusing on one style of dress, you should really embrace suggestions from other people. Especially the wedding dress shop staff. They are experts in what they do and they can suggest a dress that will really flatter your shape.

So, there you go, some of the top tips to make sure that finding your perfect wedding dress is as easy as possible. Don’t forget that an experienced wedding dress shop can be the exact thing that you need. A wedding dress shop just like London based Teokath.

Be sure to take a look through our full range of wedding dresses or if you have a designer in mind, you can browse by our designers we stock at Wimbledon and Canterbury.

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