Finding the perfect wedding dress 2018

Tips For Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress in 2018

So, your moment is finally here. Many have gone down the aisle and now it is your turn. Your wedding day is something you have dreamt about since your childhood days. You have fantasised about this day for nearly all your life and now it is about to become a reality. A few months or even weeks are remaining to the D-day. Everything is set from the venue to the bridal party and the invites as well. Now, all is left is your dream wedding dress.

For most brides, a wedding dress is not just any other ceremonial attire. It is a majestic work of art that makes their special day a day to remember. It is a masterpiece that is meant to be the centre of attention during the entire wedding day. This is why finding the perfect wedding dress in London may not be the easiest of tasks. However, finding a dress is not optional so you must embark on your bridal shop excursion immediately. You must be prepared to look far and wide in order to find that perfect dress for your extra special day.

But, do not be afraid as there are various strategies you can employ to make this ‘dress hunting’ activity less strenuous and stressful. First, you can gather some insights from people who have shopped for wedding dresses before. This can help you to know what to expect from London bridal shops as well how to go about various activities such as fitting and choosing designs. Here are some insights that have been gathered from various people with experience and expertise on this matter.

Schedule Bridal Shop Appointments Early

This may seem obvious but when it comes to implementation, many soon-to-be brides tend to forget and wait till the last minute to go to the bridal shop. One thing about bridal shops (the reputable ones of course) is that they are very busy establishments. These are not places you can just walk into one minute and leave the next minute with your dream wedding dress. This is not possible! You have to schedule your visits in advance. The best time to schedule an appointment is during a weekday and not on the weekend as days like Saturday are busier. If you want to get undivided attention from the dress experts, make a weekday appointment as early as possible.

Plan What To Wear When Visiting A Bridal Shop

When going to a bridal shop, it is important to have on the right undergarments, shoes and accessory in order to get a clear picture of how you will look when trying on different dresses. Getting the full picture of how you look in a certain dress is very important so that you do not miss anything that may ruin your actual wedding. Preferably, wear non-coloured garments on the day you go and also carry any jewellery and accessories you plan to wear on your wedding day.

Know Your Size Ahead of Time

Wedding dresses are very different from your normal everyday clothes. They are very specific to body size and may not have room for stretching. It is important to decide on a specific size for your dress ahead of time. Purchase a dress that suits your current body size and not the body size you plan to have on your wedding day. If you plan to lose weight, then you should come back after you have lost the weight.

Prepare For An Emotional Day!

As you shop around for your wedding dress, you will most likely need to try on multiple dresses until you find the right one. If you are lucky, you may only try on a few dresses until you find the perfect one, but it is important to prepare yourself physically and psychologically as well for this task, but be sure to try and enjoy it! We’ll be here to help and advise every step of the way.

Be Decisive

At the end of the day, you must choose a dress. Be honest with yourself about why you like or don’t like a specific dress and inform the relevant people so that they can help you make a wise decision.

That’s why so many brides have chosen Teokath of London, we are here to help you find that perfect wedding dress.


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