Wedding dress trends 2018

Wedding dress trends for 2018

Here at Teokath we are proud to stock a wide variety of beautiful wedding dresses. Whilst we have some classic and timeless styles within your London and Kent wedding dress shop, we also have a number of up and coming designer trends too.

Just like any other type of fashion, wedding dresses go through some trends and styles year after year, and 2018 is shaping up to be no different. But what are the styles that are likely to be making an appearance for 2018?

Black touches

When you think of designer wedding dresses, then there is a good chance that you will think of Vera Wang. This means that it is always a good idea to keep an eye out what this world recognised name has to offer. It looks like black accents is the trend for their collection come 2018. A black bow, some black lace, all small touches that can really add to the traditional dress.

Deep V necks

Whilst some brides like to keep things relatively demure on their wedding day, there are others that like to shirk tradition and show off their best assets. These brides will be pleased to learn that it seems that low, low necklines are going to be making an appearance during 2018, and we mean low!

Big sleeves

Not every bride liked the idea of a dress with sleeves, but it seems that Kate Middleton has had an influence as since her wedding day, sleeves have definitely become more in! It also seems that sleeves have taken a more is more approach and they have been seen to be getting bigger and bigger as each season goes past.

Off the shoulder

For some women, there is nothing quite as elegant as wearing an off the shoulder dress, and seeing as the main aim of any wedding day is to be glamorous and elegant, this is a popular style. It seems that isn’t set to change with the arrival of 2018. In fact, off the shoulder bodices are set to become a popular trend, featured both with and without sleeves.

These are just some of the popular styles and touches that it looks like we will be seeing in the next few months. If you need to find your dress, then why not book in with Teokath?

Not only do we have some fashionable and trend setting wedding dresses for you to choose from, but we also stock a number of classic styles too. We even have sales on some of the off the rail dresses, which is ideal for the budget conscious bride who still wants to be able to wear an exquisite and beautiful dress on her big day!

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