Wedding make-up trends 2018

Winter wedding make-up trends 2018

The winter make up colours that will suit your skin tone

Once you have found your dream wedding dress, then it is time to think about other aspects of your wedding look. Shoes, jewellery, your hairstyles, all of these things need to be considered. Not only this, but you also need to think about your make-up too.

If you are planning a winter wedding for this time next year, or perhaps early next year, then here are some of the make-up trends for 2018 that you may want to try.

Those with a light skin tone

Some brides come with an English rose complexion. Particular during the winter months when even a hint of a tan can be hard to find. This doesn’t mean that you have to turn to some fake tan to top up your tone. Why not embrace your skin tone instead? A great combination that you can opt for in your make-up includes a pale pink or a cherry red on the lips as well as a charcoal grey or silver on the eyes.

Those with a medium skin tone

For those brides that have a touch of warmth to their skin tone, they can still embrace the winter make up trends, but they may need to embrace a slightly different colour scheme in order to match their own skin tones. Brides that have a medium skin tone are able to opt for some more intense colours. Eyes will really suit something as bold as a dark violet or a black shade to really create a a statement. The lips can carry a wine shade, or if you want to make it all about the eyes then you can have a nude lip instead.

Those with a dark skin tone

If you are blessed with gloriously dark skin tone, then the winter make-up shades are really going to suit your skin tone. Lips will look fantastic if you go for a dark purple or a berry red, and the eyes will be perfectly complimented if you go for copper or gold shades.

It doesn’t matter what type of skin tone you have, the thing to remember is that you will need to think carefully about your foundation. Use one that is light-reflecting as this will help to neutralise your skin tone, as well as avoiding those that have a powder base, as they will mean that your skin appears dry and flaky.

Whilst we are no experts in make-up here at Teokath of London, what we are experts in is wedding dresses. We are able to help you to find “the one” that dress that is going to make sure that you feel the picture perfect bride on your big day.

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